Another Innovation by Snap Pak

What is Swirl Bowl?

Snap Pak® is introducing Swirl Bowls nationwide. The same perfect portion to-go salad bowls as the high-end salad bars. Our new Swirl Bowl line has been designed for individuals that believe a salad is more than a "look good" substitute for a side of French Fries or the salads for lunch that eventually become another broken resolution.

Swirl Salad Bowl

Americans are more health-conscious than ever illustrated by the thousands of Social Media hashtags containing some form of "Meal Prep," "Eat Clean," and "Organic." Eating better is no longer just a broken New Year Resolution; it is becoming a way of LIFE!

Now you can Meal Prep a super-clean customized salad with heaps of healthy protein at a fraction of the cost of an expensive publicly mauled salad bar. Also, amid COVID-19, serious consideration needs to be given, that open-air salads bars will now be a thing of the past altogether, so the perfect Swirl Bowl salad storage container is even timelier!


The Swirl Bowls are BPA Free and manufactured from 100% FDA food-grade safe materials. Already a great value to consumers and the environment because they are reusable and recyclable, the variety of Swirl Bowl assorted shapes and sizes come with FREE individual dressing containers to prevent those soggy salads.